LETTER: We need free parking...and to target the troublemakers

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Your letters, emails and opinions - Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

I have been reading all the letters regarding Boston Market Place and I agree with Jim Blaylock - it IS simple economics.

I have pictures of our Market Place in the ‘60s packed with cars as it used to be laid out, with the main drag down the middle clear and lots of spaces for everyone.

It was the same in the ‘70s, ‘80s and right up until this past year when the ‘new’ Market Place was unveiled with its vast spaces of emptiness, a few lucky drivers occupying the meagre amount of allocated car parking spaces - which really is not terrible clearly defined either.

I work in the Market Place and what should be, and has been, one of the main hubs of the town is now an empty, unwelcoming and unfriendly large empty place.

I cringe when I look out of the windows during my lunch break and see the new traffic wardens dishing out tickets like confetti – upsetting and alienating more and more people every day from driving into the town centre.

It’s arum old do when you see tickets being issued to drivers who have come into town to use local businesses when, just behind them, there is a group of ne’er-do-wells in varying stages of drunkenness (local and foreign) spitting around benches where they congregate around the Ingram Memorial – chucking empties into the shrubbery, effing and blinding all day for all to hear.

I have two suggestions:

• free parking everywhere. People who work and visit the town centre can park for free in any council car park (or a very nominal amount, say 50p for as long as you like). Just imagine how positive this move would be – it’s a radical suggestion but great for all who come in to Boston for work, shopping or tourism. Market Place parking should be back to the way it has always been – even if you have to paint lines! People need clear direction.

•turn the traffic wardens in to town wardens with the power to issue tickets to the people who are actually spoiling our town centre – the drunks, the spitters, the swearers, the fag-end and litter-droppers, the ones who let their dog foul the paths and not clear up after them – and the ones who cycle on the footpaths. We have CCTV operators all in place to identify the culrpits. A fine of £60 should boost the council coffers and that would help the car parking deficit.

This plan should be a huge boost to local businesses to encourage a busy and bustling town centre that is welcoming, civilised and friendly and positive. I also have a plan regarging the town centre toilet situation but that’s another letter!

Mrs N Dawson