LETTER: We need free parking in Boston


Short Term parking should be FREE of charge in Boston!

Last week my wife and I stayed with friends in Bicester.

We visited their new town centre development, which included a very large capacity, modern multi-storey car park with extra wide parking spaces between vehicles and a red or green light along each aisle to indicate available bays.

Most significantly - two free hours parking in the daytime – 3rd hour £1.70 but free if visiting the cinema. Free parking at night.

It is designated short stay only - for shoppers, diners, cinema goers, etc and is well used.

Apparently it has given a real boost to trade. Business owners and day workers have to use long stay car parks.

At the conclusion of the Boston Market Place redevelopment – there was an online survey done of feedback from the local community. Having participated but been critical of the revamp, I repeatedly asked LCC when the results would be published.

I received a reply that it was a decision of the Borough Council.

There is little point in giving feedback if they are not prepared to publish the results. Perhaps others also feel the Market Place is a waste of space – other than on market days?

Move the planters and bring back short term parking for shoppers and those needing to access town centre banks and businesses – otherwise we will lose even more retail units in the town centre!

John Marshall