LETTER: We need to fight ‘Viking Link’ plans


I read with interest your report about the Bicker Fen proposals, (January 5, ‘National Grid bosses promise to consult over Viking Link to village’).

I note that National Grid bosses have promised to consult people about plans they are working on to connect power cables from Denmark to Bicker.

Residents are up in arms about this ‘Viking Link’ – an undersea connection between Denmark and the UK – which could be connected to the grid at Bicker Fen.

These householders have already had a large wind farm imposed in the teeth of their protests, and have consequently suffered all the problems of an industrialised landscape, visual intrusion, excessive lorry movements during the construction phase, and of course the well-documented health impacts of wind turbines located close to homes.

They then find they face a new threat from the proposed Viking Link from Denmark which, apparently, is scheduled to come right through the same area. As if local residents had not suffered enough.

I was extremely concerned about this proposal and I have written to Ofcom and the National Grid and one of my complaints was about the lack of communication and debate over this plan.

It does appear now from your report that residents will now be consulted - that is a start. Now, let us fight on to get the plans scrapped.

Roger Helmer

UKIP MEP for Lincolnshire