LETTER: We’re not crap but it’s time people stopped blaming everyone else


Boston is not a crap town. However, it is being made crap by a small percentage of the population who have a distorted sense of entitlement and total disregard for their own actions.

I have personally witnessed native Bostonians dropping litter two feet away from litter bins, throwing fag ends down wherever they like, collecting their dog poo into bags and throwing them into the nearest bush or not even bothering to collect it in the first place.

Bostonians who urinate in public places including children’s playground areas and sit in those same playgrounds drinking alcohol in front of children.

Bostonians who park on double yellow lines and openly flout the law and when approached assault traffic wardens, with the excuse that they have lived here all their lives and have always parked there.

Bostonian children who have a total disrespect for authority and the law who vandalise property and hide behind the age of criminal responsibility.

Bostonians are all too ready to blame the migrant population, borough council and individual councillors for their own failings yet never seem to place the blame where it really belongs... with themselves!

If people want a clean, safe and pleasant town it’s time they got off their fat, uneducated bums, put down their tin of lager and went and cleaned their front gardens, swept the pavement out-side their houses, put litter in bins, and taught their children some respect.