LETTER: We support new taxi rules for Boston


Boston Labour councillors were interested to read that minicab firms in Birmingham which run poor quality cars with rude drivers will be named and shamed under a new inspection scheme being drawn up by city licensing chiefs.

Under the proposed rating system, the firms could be given a ranking from platinum, for the very best, through gold, silver, bronze down to unrated for the poorest companies.

Companies will get top marks for running a fleet of clean, reliable and safe cars, with smart, well-trained drivers.

Private hire companies whose drivers break the rules, such as by plying for hire or running cars in poor condition, will be penalised on the public rating system.

We believe a similar scheme should be introduced into Boston which would give the public confidence to know that we are taking their safety and protection very seriously.

We believe the licensing committee at Boston should adopt this scheme. We know that the National Institute of Professional Drivers has backed the scheme as it will drive up standards.

We will continue to campaign for this new inspection scheme in Boston.

Boston Labour councillors