LETTER: We welcome council’s daily email


I would very much like to respond to your recent article showing the complaint by a Boston borough councillor regarding the publication of its bulletins.

Firstly I do not wish to make any comment on the legality of such a publication with regards to any Government Code of Practice, my knowledge of such matters are not sufficient for me to comment.

What I can say is that the bulletins are of a great significance to blind and partially sighted people living within the borough as these are automatically transcribed into alternative formats so those without the ability to read the written word as normal sighted people do,

can, and in a format suitable to them as individuals.

Blind and partially sighted people are more often than not omitted from being able to access information due to a lack of transcription.

My hat goes off to Boston Borough Council for being a leading example of bringing relevant and up-to-date information to blind and partially sighted people on a regular basis.

Communication is a huge issue with not only people with sight loss but also to many other groups of people in the wider community and it is certainly my personal opinion that we should all applaud this council for their innovative thinking. Well done Boston Borough Council.

Malcolm Swinburn

Chief executive, South Lincolnshire Blind Society