Letter: When expanding schools consideration must be given to dangerous parking

RE THE expansion of Boston primary schools.

As a resident who lives just round the corner from Hawthorn Tree Primary School in Eastwood Road and frequently uses Toot Lane, I believe consideration must be given to the safety of children.

There needs to be a larger car parking area for parents who are dropping off and collecting their children, particularly at the end of the school day.

Toot Lane is very narrow, and in spite of yellow no parking lines on the road outside of the school, and requests from, I believe the school head teacher, parents insist on double parking as near to possible to the school gates. The lines of parked cars continues along Toot Lane which leads into Eastwood Road, and also into Eastwood Drive.

This causes an extremely dangerous situation, as it only leaves a very narrow stretch of road in the centre of the two lanes of parked cars.

Also, I have seen a number of ‘near misses’, ie children running across the road between the parked cars to reach their own family car.

Another instance was, where a parent was driving down the centre of the parked cars and actually caught a child’s coat with her wing mirror, the child was pulled along the road for a few yards.

At the time, I was walking down Toot Lane and was able to stop the said parent - she was totally unaware of the situation. Fortunately, the child was not hurt.

I am extremely concerned regarding the safety of, particularly, the children, and also for motorists who use the road.

Anne Gosling

Eastwood Road