LETTER: Why did people not help 95 year old?


I wanted to contact the paper on behalf of an incident the other week which has left me quite outraged.

A dear friend of mine fell over whilst crossing the road at traffic lights in Boston. He is a 95-year-old war veteran and he tripped whilst crossing. Four cars were stationary at the red lights and not one person felt the need to get out of their car and help him off the ground.

A 95-year-old man had to pull himself off the ground and back to his feet in front of an audience of traffic.

Boston is full of elderly people who have been part of the community their whole lives - my own grandparents were born, lived and died in the town and it shocks me that they can be neglected like this by people much younger and more capable than them.

I hope that in some way this message can be forwarded to the people of Boston so that they realise their responsibility towards the elderly community and how disgraceful this incident is.

Cian Cottee

Chelmsford, Essex