LETTER: Why do we spend so much in foreign aid?


People must ask, why during a time of austerity the UK is committing itself to spending 0.7 per cent of national income on foreign aid, when a wealthy nation like The United States spends just 0.19 per cent of its national income in foreign aid?

We in UKIP recognise some countries do have problems, but the needs of the British people must come first. These billions could be spent on training, on apprenticeships for our young people and helping the vulnerable in our society.

There is no need to send a lot of taxpayers’ money to ‘poor’ countries with air craft carriers and space programmes.

On top of this, foreign aid is often the transfer of wealth from poor people in the UK to rich dictators in other states.

UKIP has a better solution, which is trade, not aid.

After research, Professor Buchanan of the London School of Economics found that to help developing countries trade, is worth six times more than aid.

Derek Clark

UKIP MEP, East Midlands