LETTER: Work of heart and lung fund


The Pilgrim Heart & Lung Fund was set up in the mid 1980s to provide services at Pilgrim Hospital for patients suffering from heart or lung disease or a combination of the two.

Heart & Lung Fund Charity was set up. It has raised a lot of money through public support and provided lots of equipment used primarily at Pilgrim Hospital but outside in General Practitioners’ surgeries in addition. The Heart & Lung Fund Charity has also provided monies to set up cardio pulmonary resuscitation services, nurses’ specialisation in cardiorespiratory care and also help provide an outstanding Coronary Care Unit at Pilgrim Hospital. The Pilgrim Hospital, subsequently the Pilgrim Hospital Health Trust and now part of the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust has done well due to the support we have received from local people. The health service as we all know is still very much short of monies to provide and extend the health service but in this instance cardiorespiratory management.

The charity at the moment is providing funds to enable more nurses at our local hospital to obtain specialisation at university level in cardiorespiratory medicine.

At the moment the charity has the best part of £100,000 on deposit which we need to expand a little further to increase investigatory/invasive cardiorespiratory services at Pilgrim Hospital.

The charity has been going now for nearly 30 years and with public support has raised over £2 million for these services at Pilgrim Hospital and the ULH Trust.

Heart and lung conditions are the commonest cause of ill health and death in the western world, the Pilgrim Heart & Lung Fund aims to reduce that problem as best as it can.

Your help is needed to make this become a reality and we hope that you will see fit to support the charity and in doing so to help all local patients suffering from heart and lung disease.

We are planning to organise another cycle ride around Lincolnshire for the charity in the Spring of next year, we hope to have a Christmas stall in the hospital foyer later this year and we are in process of organising a murder mystery event at the Merriman’s Restaurant on October 31 of this year.

Dr Cyril Nyman