LETTER: You may not like our poster but surely it is better to have tried to stop people urinating in the street?


The use of a polite request poster to stop urination in public is just another way to try to stop this unacceptable practice in our town.

I am very well aware that urination in public is against the law but the chances of catching the person in the act, phoning the police and obtaining a successful prosecution would be almost impossible.

The poster was just another attempt to try to stop this behaviour.

The polite request in five languages, including English, was used in the hope that those perpetrators would realise the distress it causes to so many by explaining that we are trying to make Boston a lovely town to live in and that it is their home too and should take pride in it.

There was no one more against the closure of the public toilets than I and I spent several weeks outside those toilets trying to get public support to keep them open, alas we did not receive one written complaint against the closure. They were closed as part of the sale of the Assembly Rooms but even if they were open today, the type of people urinating in public would not have used these facilities.

There have been many requests for the posters from businesses which have alleyways or shop doorways and at the end of September we hope that the feedback will show a reduction in this appalling behaviour. It is not only Boston where this occurs, it is all over the country and places such as London are finding other ways to address this issue.

The council’s recent task and finish group have spent many hours trying to find a solution to the excess litter which is so prevalent in our town and also the owners of dogs who allow their pets to do their business and then leave it there for others to pick up.

As councillors we expect to be criticised often for decisions made which the public disagree with as we are here to serve the people of Boston and surrounding areas. The posters may prove to be totally ineffective but it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. Are we really being criticised though for seeking ways to make Boston a nicer town to live in? Really?!

Coun Carol Taylor