Make garden waste collection simple

STOP the confusion – make it simple - give us brown bins!

I was delighted to hear the news that Boston Borough Council is going to have a three month trial collection of green waste for 10,000 homes in Boston this summer. However, as this initiative is in the early stages of being rolled out, people are already telling me that it is confusing and difficult to understand.

For the next 3-4 months the designated households will have to put their recyclable rubbish in bags and their green waste in the blue bin with the ordinary household waste continuing to be put in the green bin. Half of the households will put the blue bins/green waste out on a ‘green week’ with the green bin and the recyclable bags being put out on the ‘blue week’, and half the households will put their blue bins/green waste out with the recyclable bags out on the ‘blue week’ and the green bin continuing to be put out on the ‘green week’. No wonder people are confused. People are telling me they would much prefer a brown bin to put their green waste in – simple and easy to understand.

My e-petition asking Boston Borough Council for brown bins for our green waste now has 25 signatures. The petition runs to December 31, 2011, so I would urge all the citizens of Boston to sign the petition at and show their support for this initiative.

I know that Boston’s Labour councillors are also pleased that Boston Borough Council is taking the collection of green waste seriously and trying to address the issue, but they also believe that people would prefer to have a simple green waste collection process with a brown wheelie bin, and they will continue to urge the Conservative administration to make this the long term aim.


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