Merging lanes create the danger at junction

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REGARDING Mr Alan Smith’s letter in February 9 Standard stating ‘death trap junction claims are hysterical’.

Firstly, it was not Coun Graham Dovey who described the Spilsby Road/Freiston Road/Willoughby road junction as a ‘death trap’ but Coun Gerry Clare. Secondly Coun Dovey only said ‘the junction is considered by many to be the road rage capital of Europe’ and did not imply he considered it so.

I agree with Mr Smith about the phasing of the two sets of lights but these alone do not create the danger. When both sets of lights are green there can be two lanes of traffic coming over Bargate Bridge to Spilsby Road at up to 30mph with the outer lane trying to force its way in to the only lane down Spilsby Road. This is when it can be dangerous.

On another traffic issue, I am at a loss to know why when the lights go to green for the dock traffic on the Haven Bridge, they very seldom go to green for the traffic wanting to go into John Adams Way.

Surely it would be better for the flow if they always changed at the same time.

Also the lights for traffic coming from Pen Street onto John Adams Way now stay green for far too long, again holding up traffic on John Adams Way for longer than necessary.

Ray Hadwick

Linden Way