Military personnel deserve a discount like students

AS A resident of Boston and a serving member of the armed forces it is of frustration that while using the services and shops of Boston I constantly see the offer of student discount but the offer of a military discount is few and far between.

This is not to belittle the value that a student brings to the social and commercial cohesion of this country, but that it is just not offered to our military personal where I feel it would be a welcome display of thanks in recognition of the sacrifices they make.

Added to this the fact that the airmen and women of RAF Coningsby actually have been awarded the freedom of the town of Boston!

You would think this would go hand in hand. I do recognise that there is support for our military personnel from the majority of the town.

I would welcome a response and debate from proprietors of service outlets, shops and the Boston BID team on this issue.

A Coates

Chief Petty Officer Royal Navy