More can be done to promote Boston

TOURISTS and visitors are important as they help to bring prosperity, jobs and customers to Boston.

Unfortunately, Boston is not as welcoming as it should be.

Information about Boston must be readily available seven days a week. The four days offered by the Guildhall is inappropriate. Boston’s Visitors Centre should be as welcoming as possible. It should be clearly accessible in the centre of the town. The information should include: all places of interest to visit; all activities taking place; what’s on in Boston’s villages; Boston’s large, famous markets; and activities for children during the holidays.

The refurbishment of the Market Place should have included the Assembly Rooms. The Assembly Rooms are an historical, central feature, of our town. It is dirty both externally and internally, and poorly presented and used.

Public toilets should at least be convenient! Only those at Park Gates meet modern standards. Those at the bus station, on the ground floor of the Assembly Rooms, and at the Cattle Market, hardly show Boston in the a good light.

Local fetes, and major festivals such as the May Fair, the Christmas Market and Boston’s Showcase, should be vigorously marketed.

Leisure facilities abound in Boston - some are free or low cost. This includes the improved Central Park, a huge choice of angling waters, the Witham Way Country Park and Boston Woods, for example.

Golf, tennis and gymnasia abound, and there will soon be a new Peter Paine! There is so much potential.


Poppy Close, Boston