More information, please, over Ingelow Manor closure

I AM writing in response to your article in The Standard relating to the closure of Ingelow Manor.

My father attends Ingelow Manor twice weekly for day care and once every 12 weeks for respite care.

The service they provide is invaluable to my parents, myself and my sister and we are extremely disappointed that the closure has been confirmed, although we realised this was inevitable from the first consultation meeting we attended 18 months ago.

The general feeling at that meeting from all residents, families, carers and staff was that it was not what anyone wanted other than Lincolnshire County Council but the bottom line is that they need to save money. However, they try to paper over the reasons behind the closure and promote ‘modern, improved accommodation and services’, what the residents actually want is what they already have – freedom of choice.

When someone is going on holiday they can choose from a self-catering holiday through to a five-star luxury holiday according to their means and requirements, but service users of care homes will only have one option once Ingelow Manor has closed – pay for five-star or go without, which is not really an option as my mum needs a regular break in order to preserve her own health. It is not easy caring for someone seven days a week at any age, but particularly not when you are in your 70s.

Ingelow Manor may not be modern with up-to-date furnishings, wallpaper and en-suites, but residents feel safe and comfortable there with staff and surroundings they are familiar with, friends they have made, and a team giving a first-class service at a reasonable cost. The alternative is to move to homes where they don’t know the staff, surroundings or other residents – and to pay extra for the privilege.

I would be grateful if Coun Graham Marsh (executive member for adult social care) could arrange for details to be printed in your paper or letters to be sent out explaining what service users need to do in preparation for the closure as the not knowing what is happening is unsettling for my parents as it will be for all other users.

Is it down to families to research the alternatives available or will the council/social services be giving advice on this?

Will transport still be provided?

Will there be any assistance towards the extra costs incurred?

Will the same days be available for care and the same regularity for respite?

I await his response but won’t hold my breath at it being a speedy one.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Ingelow Manor for all they have done for my dad and our family – they are a fantastic team and I hope they all find suitable alternate employment.


Via email