More signage could help at ‘death trap’

RE COUN Gerry Clare’s comments concerning the ‘death trap’ junction of the A16 Spilsby Road/Freiston Road/Willoughby Road.

The merging of two lanes into one on Spilsby Road is quite common practice these days in terms of managing and improving traffic flow.

There will unfortunately always be bad drivers wherever you go and whatever traffic systems are put in place.

As responsible drivers we should always be on the look out for such drivers at all busy junctions - it’s called defensive driving.

In the case of the lanes merging on Spilsby Road it’s a wise idea to use your door mirrors so that you will see who, what, when and if some other driver is about to try to overtake you. No surprises then!

Perhaps one suggestion I could make for improving the two-into-one lane merge is, as I have seen in other towns, some advance warning signs showing the lanes are about to merge and merging in turn is the most suitable and safest method to use.

Stephen Brown

L on Wheels