Mr Everitt doesn’t speak for me

I WOULD just like to say in response to Mr Everitt who said ‘Everybody in Boston is fed up with the migrant workers’ – that he does not speak for everyone and certainly not me.

He says locals are being treated as second class citizens, but in what way? I can’t say I’ve ever been treated like that.

Obviously, everyone’s circumstances are different but in my life and the lives of many others I’m sure the changes have been minimal.

Yes, Boston has had a lot of immigration in recent years and it can be a bit of a culture shock.

People are saying Boston is not the place they grew up in and of course it isn’t, things always change.

When I was younger it was rare to see anyone who wasn’t of white British descent in Boston.

When I later lived in Middlesbrough for a few years I was taken aback by the mix of races and cultures there, which in retrospect seems silly. Other parts of the country have had a larger mix of people for decades. It’s no longer a big deal there, it won’t be a big deal here eventually.

I do fear that as with most protests of this kind it will be hijacked by right-wing organisations, the media and racists to stir up trouble.

I hope the protesters stand united against any racism and it all goes peacefully. I may not agree with what Mr Everitt says but I will always defend his right to say it so I hope everyone, no matter what their opinions on immigration, can respect each other and not turn the protest into a spectacle that brings shame to our great town.


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