My anonymity is necessary

WELL, well, well! It appears I have at least one reader – even though she appears unhappy that she doesn’t know me but I, apparently, know all about her!

The editor put forward his views at the bottom of her letter – I will now proceed to put mine.

For as long as I can remember (and I go back a long way) The Standard has always had a comment column, written by someone anonymously.

I don’t know if Mrs Newell is a Bostonian, but if she is, surely she remembers Topical Talks (by Sentinel) and more latterly the excellent Spectator, someone whom I would struggle to emulate.

If you don’t know who I am, you can’t influence what I say or what you think I ought to say; that, in my opinion, is how it should be in such a column.

Taking up a couple of her points: she says I should know ‘it is impossible in Boston to create a legal alcohol free zone’. Excuse me, Mrs Newell, you used to be a local councillor: if you look at the bottom of the signs dotted about the town proclaiming ‘alcohol free zone’ you will see the magic words Boston Borough Council.

I presume, then, you didn’t know this when a councillor and if you did why did you not do something about it? If the signs details are fine, why can’t the council implement it? Why can’t the zone be created? Why did the council erect the signs?

Now, the question of a Mayor. My query was whether we need a ‘powerful, executive Mayor’ (her words) as opposed to a ‘ceremonial’ Mayor. The elected council is there to make final decisions, not one person, who could in fact decide to implement something the council is not in favour of.

I’m not confused, I know the difference between the two.

The council have rightly agreed to extend the contract of the present chief executive, so why have an elected Mayor as well; in such a situation there is bound to be an uncomfortable overlap.

The other points she mentioned she raised in a previous letter under the heading ‘Add more to list’ – after she had been voted off the council – and I repeat what I said then: Why did she not bring these up while a council member? After all, is that not what a councillor is supposed to do, or am I showing my ‘lack of basic political knowledge’?

I trust you will remain a Beady Eyed reader, Mrs Newell!