‘No right turn’ is not the answer

WHEN I first heard of the plan to stop the right turn into Brothertoft Road I hoped it was some sort of vexatious rumour.

One occasionally has trouble turning right out of Brothertoft Road. This is usually down to outbound traffic being held up by inbound traffic and causing a hold up of all of five seconds.

Recently the exit from Brothertoft Road has been made difficult by traffic entering the junction when there is clearly no exit.

The hold ups I assumed were as a result of more traffic coming in from Sleaford Road to avoid the works on Spalding Road.

Hopefully with the completion of these works this congestion inbound on Sleaford Road will abate.

Having spent all that time and effort on de-congesting the roads it would seem silly to add it back by reducing the options for access to Fydell Street, Argyle Street and Fenside by a third.

Imagine Sluice Bridge level crossing closed for a train or, perish the thought, stuck, what then? Everything goes down Carlton Road of course.

In time I suppose locals will get used to the idea that Broadfield Street will bring you to the end of Woodville Road and then straight across into Brothertoft Road, but that goes past another school and elderly people on Broadfield Street, Staniland Road and Peck Avenue not to mention kids playing on Revesby Avenue and the pedestrian access to the Boston West Business Park.

Leigh Bruerton

Sleaford Road