Nurses are a credit to their profession

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I HAVE lived in this area for the past 13 years with little or no contact with the Pilgrim Hospital, but my view of this facility has not been a good one due mainly to the bad reports in both local and national media.

I am pleased to say my view has now changed dramatically.

My 92-year-old mother was recently admitted to the hospital via A&E but unfortunately died in ward 6A on Saturday, March 17. During her stay my wife and I visited twice a day and witnessed the running of the ward in some detail and our overwhelming view was of a caring, clean and efficient facility. My mother’s treatment could not have been better with the doctors, nurses and all other support staff demonstrating a high level of professionalism, dedication, care and above all compassion and this extended to all patients.

The last hours of my mother’s life were traumatic for my wife and I but at no time was there any reduction in care and medical support.

Unfortunately, I do not know their names but would like to specifically thank the Senior Sister who was on day shift March 16 and the Staff Nurse who was there when my mother died. These two people and the rest of ward 6A staff are a credit to the hospital and the medical profession.