Observer: Another family firm lost to the town

WITH the closure of Yates & Greenhough the town has lost yet another locally-owned business.

This got me thinking about the number of this type of shop – local, family-owned – which has left the town once more with an empty space.

No doubt Y&G fell victim to the internet, where customers can buy similar goods at a much-reduced price.

But the one thing the internet cannot provide is a local service, such as that provided, no doubt, by all the shops which have ceased trading over the years.

I am of an age where I can remember shops such as Bailey & Alexander, Broughton’s, Mark Baker, Budge & Mableson, Hurst Son & Page, Vaughan’s, Harlow’s, Morley’s, Wings and so on.

No doubt readers will remember many others – all local family businesses providing advice and service and all falling by the wayside because of ‘progress’.

I don’t think it helps at this time that we have a council seemingly hellbent on not helping any businesses or shops in the town, be they local or national.

When the Market Place refurbishment is complete there will be hardly any car parking spaces provided there and no matter where remaining parking is provided the cost has gone up, hardly the sort of ‘help’ anyone needs.

At a time when other small towns and cities – some not too far away – are offering either free or cheaper parking Boston has to be seen to be competing and we are not doing.

I often wonder if our councillors, and more importantly the cabinet, actually look round about to see what is going on?.

There are big plans in store for Boston in the future; our representatives should begin to realise we are a small market town struggling to get through this recession.

It’s about time they got out and about and did something about it, for I do not believe these grandiose plans will provide the impetus expected.