OBSERVER: Bedroom tax and motorways


The news of how many tenants in our area are in arrears because of the ‘bedroom tax’ shows how many are dependent on benefits to ensure they have accommodation.

But it also shows that the idea those affected should move into smaller accommodation is not one of those ‘fixes’ which suits everyone.

In this area particularly there does not appear to be the housing stock required to ensure that the idea could be a successful one. Successive governments – and councils – are now seeing the result of selling off council stock: once it’s gone you can’t get it back. And that is probably the one factor which makes this new ‘tax’ one which might not ultimately work as it should. It will be interesting to see the future outcome.

○ It’s interesting to hear the idea for extending the M11 through Lincolnshire to the Humber Bridge (reported in the Standard a couple of weeks ago); news which you would expect to be greeted with much enthusiasm. But not by the county council, it seems! Its spokesman on the TV news seemed anything but welcoming, stressing that it should be our present (main) roads which should be widened as a motorway would spoil our countryside.

Haulage bosses pointed out the advantages in getting traffic moving quickly; surely our county council reps are aware of the situation outside Lincoln? Just because they are getting another bypass doesn’t mean other areas are alright. It’s about time the county had at least one good road – at least business and the tourism industry should welcome it with open arms but we must not forget that our ‘bosses’ in Lincoln always know best!

○ Regarding Mr Goor’s letter about the footpath in the area of the new bridge: I take it he doesn’t visit that particular area very often as it’s been in that state for years. And wouldn’t it be better to get the new bridge in place and then tidy up the area?