OBSERVER: Blooming heck, just leave the flowers for all to see


It’s getting to that time of the year when flowers and plants are starting to bloom: it also seems it gives some people the idea that it’s also their right to pick these flowers when they’re fully out. Not so! Last week’s report that the Boston Greenscapers planted 8,000 bulbs, but have yet to see any in bloom because people have used their ‘right’ to pick them, has led to signs being put up requesting that blooms be left so everyone can enjoy them. And what happens? Some of the signs have also been stolen!

Although these signs have been put in prominent areas it’s not only public places which have been affected. In recent years in my own area several neighbours have found that just when their daffodils and tulips have come into bloom a mystery picker has removed them overnight. In one case even a flower tub above a door was removed!

It’s a mystery why these things happen. When flowers can be bought so cheaply off the market and from supermarkets why do some still insist on spoiling others’ pleasure by theft?

It’s also that time of the year for the litter-pickers to come out to tidy up the town and remove all the litter which inconsiderate residents can’t seem to be bothered to take home but just dump it for others to pick up. Volunteers are being recruited for the annual town effort and several primary schools have already been instrumental in clearing rubbish in the neighbourhood of their schools. All very laudable but what a reflection on the town that such requests for help have to be made. We all complain about the state of the town: but think about who is to blame!

Coincidental, is it not, that on one side of a double page spread of last week we read of a couple who met at a local skating rink 70 years ago and are still married and on the other side there is an advert for the same (now modernised) venue still going strong with dances?

Congratulations to both – and I wonder how many other married couples can claim the same meeting place over the years?