OBSERVER: Hats off to police inspector for Market Place comments

At last! Someone in authority has actually come out and confirmed what so many have been saying for the past year – that the ‘refurbished’ Market Place is not user-friendly.

Police Insp Rimmer tells us the new layout is ‘confusing … and dangerous with there not being a defined road’. And at long last the police have begun issuing tickets to those not parking in the designated bays.

Meanwhile the borough council, which has no jurisdiction over Market Place parking, ‘hope’ the situation will improve when the county council takes control of the on-street parking enforcement.

All this leads to the inevitable question: why did the county decide to do the refurbishment so soon before they took over the parking? Could they not have planned it so that the Market Place work was done after they took over the parking?

Mind you, with the county’s record on doing things for Boston – or not, as is more often the case – should we really expect anything else? And with the apparent lack of interest of most of our own representatives on that body in anything to do with the area they are supposed to stand up for, should we really be surprised?

The biggest laugh in the story was in the last paragraph, that the county council continue to work with the borough council to ‘monitor the situation and take appropriate measures’. When are they starting?

·The news that the Gliderdrome is to have a Christmas dance again should be welcomed in the town. Although there is plenty of entertainment at the weekend in clubs and discos locally, there has been very little for those with a more genteel approach.

What a pity the so-called superstars of today can’t compete with those which graced the venue in its heyday. Some Boston youngsters can’t appreciate now what a buzz there was in the town in the mid-sixties and early seventies.

Just image the thrill when it was announced that stars like Elton John, Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner and Status Quo – all still alive and performing – were coming to Boston. Unbelievable!

And more is promised for next year.