Observer, I agree – and also disagree

OBSERVER is improving but…unfortunately Observer is still making mistakes.

To make it more difficult for potential customers to use Boston’s Into Town Bus service will not help businesses in town. They need all the help they can get!

As to charging those with mobility problems, those who are disabled or of pensionable age 10 pence a trip – that would be illegal under the English National Bus Pass Scheme. The scheme is funded by Central Government and Lincolnshire County Council.

To walk from the Market Place to Wide Bargate is easy and enjoyable for most of us, but clutching bags of shopping, in the snow and the rain with ice underfoot and the bitter wind blowing through Strait Bargate may make those with mobility difficulties, the disabled and the elderly, suffer!

I do agree with your last point. The Conservatives seem quicker at getting a bypass for Lincoln, Spalding and Grantham, than they are getting a distributor road for Boston!


BDI (‘Beady-Eye’) member