OBSERVER: I hope libraries haven’t reached their final

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Do you use your library? It seems plans are afoot to close up to 30 branches unless ‘volunteers’ come forward to run them. And that obviously means ‘at no cost’.

I have used the library for most of my adult life and have always found the staff helpful and knowledgeable; no disrespect to possible volunteers but I don’t think they will be able to give that same service. Mind you, an open library is much better than a closed one!

The reason for the closures is the usual one: the cost of running them. But I was always under the impression that part of our council tax went towards this facility, so I wonder if those villages or branches which are affected will find their council tax reduced if the service is no longer on offer?

Answers on a stamp, please!

I do not profess to have an understanding of finance where these things are concerned, but I cannot understand why councils have to keep making cuts. Surely no one would object to paying an extra one per cent or two per cent extra if we were to get services back? Or is it because it has become a political football and no one wants to be seen to be increasing the tax?

There is too much these days of councils paying ‘best value’ – ie the cheapest. You pay the cheapest and you don’t get the best job. Taxpayers are suffering because of that; look around you and you are seeing the results.

l I have made this plea before and will continue to make it: will someone, anyone, in authority please get the Market Place sorted out? It’s still dangerous to walk there but no one seems the slightest bit bothered.

And in response to the council comment that parking income was down because of every reason they could think of other than the real one: they have lost at least 75 per cent of the parking in the Market Place. Restore it to what it was, reduce the parking fees – or give a longer time for the charge, others can do it – and make (most) businesses and people happy!