OBSERVER: Let’s make sure any extra cash is spent in Boston

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IT seems the recent census has confirmed what several people in Boston have been saying for the past goodness knows how many years!

An increase of 15.8 per cent in our population was the eighth biggest outside London, but despite successive councils telling the government we had a bigger population than was thought we still have a 31.9 per cent drop in funding to look forward to up to 2014-15. There’s little else for our council to sell off, so what else can be cut?

Our MP tells us he has been arguing our case, but he is determined ‘that Lincolnshire will receive its fair allocation in future spending reviews’.

All well and good Mr Simmonds, but shouldn’t you be arguing for Boston? We all know where Lincoln County Council’s priorities lie and it’s not around here.

Any future increase received should go to Boston so why is he determined that Lincolnshire should get its fair share? Mind you our council will probably spend the money where Lincoln tells them to.

No one appears to be fighting the case for Boston – as they should. Yes, we can get fancy road ‘improvements’ and a ‘refurbished’ Market Place which few wanted (and only agreed because we got funding from Europe?) but no help appears for anything else.

l Mentioning the Market Place, I see there’s still nothing been done to differentiate between what is road and what is for pedestrians. Traffic coming from the Stump and library needs to be aware of where they should be, rather than the ‘make your own mind up’ currently in place; and even if Bank Street is closed, there will still be this traffic and, no doubt, the illegal parking.

I’m told a motorist dropping a passenger off in the Market Place last week, after driving up Bank Street and turning on to what used to be the road, was sworn at by a pedestrian telling him he shouldn’t be there as the Market Place was only for pedestrians now! He obviously didn’t notice all the parking.

So, despite all the explanations from West Street and Lincoln County Council of what we now have there, no one in Boston seems to know.