OBSERVER: No mention of Boston for Lincolnshire road improvements

DO YOU read all the free literature which comes through your letterbox or are you like me and usually consign it to the recycling bin?

I say ‘usually’ because I make an exception as far as the County News is concerned – you know, the magazine which tells us how good the county council is doing – as sometimes there are some real ‘gems’ of news.

The Autumn edition was no exception. Under the heading of Keeping Lincolnshire moving, it was explained that four of the most important road schemes in Lincolnshire are now making real progress.

They are the Lincoln Eastern Bypass which could start in 2015; planning for Lincoln’s ‘vital’ east-west link; a planning application for the second stage of a Western Relief Road in Spalding; and an application for Grantham’s Southern Relief Road in 2013.

Yet again, no mention of anything for Boston, although I have no doubt whatsoever that our county representatives put forward a very strong case for us (the pigs are due to fly over any time). But the insulting part as far as I am concerned is that in the Lincoln cases the proposals are for traffic and economic benefits; the Spalding suggestion is to minimise congestion as the town grows; and the Grantham plan is to open the door to vital new housing and job opportunities.

So Boston is not considered worthy of any help in these directions at all. We obviously don’t have any congestion now that we have had all the roadworks completed; we clearly don’t require any economic benefits or growth; and expected job opportunities aren’t for us.

I read elsewhere that the only local representative speaking up for us is Coun Ray Newell, who apparently was the only one to vote against the proposal regarding the ban on turning into Brothertoft Road.

I wonder how many of the Conservatives voting against – and don’t forget the county council is almost 100 per cent blue, nearly the same as ours – actually knew the implications?

As I’ve said before, when one party dominates it seems democracy suffers. And it’s pretty clear why our representatives, in the main, don’t bother to seek anything for the town. They don’t want to rock the boat.