OBSERVER: Olympic Torch Relay was great but could Boston have done more?

THE crowds at the Olympic Torch Relay proved that if there is actually something to ‘see’ in Boston they will turn out for it.

The dismal ‘celebrations’ for the Jubilee faded into the past as Bostonians apparently enjoyed the relay, although several round me were getting a little uptight as the time approached for their view of the torch.

The reason: standing around for well over an hour with nothing happening. Watching the local TV news at night might have led several to ask “Why couldn’t Boston put on something either before or after for the town to enjoy?”

Mind you, mention of Boston wasn’t all that brilliant. BBC Radio Lincolnshire reminded listeners in the morning that the torch would go from Skegness to Wainfleet and then on to Sleaford (no mention of us).

On Look North the coverage given to Boston was such that if you blinked you missed it.

Skegness and Sleaford, along with several villages on the route, apparently could find the time and effort to put on parades while waiting for the torch. But Boston? No, nothing. The relay was organised nationally, and although not lasting long, was excellent with the enthusiasm gradually building up; as far as the town itself was concerned it seemed like the Jubilee fiasco all over again.

For once, Boston actually got the chance to join in something of a national nature so did the council not miss a golden opportunity to market the town more? I’m not for one minute suggesting the council take on yet another officer – I think we’ve already got enough! – but surely an existing ‘portfolio holder’ could take on a little ‘extra’ work.

After all, there may well be several photo opportunities available somewhere along the line – although commemorative plaques might be a little more difficult to arrange.

However, the relay and all the razzmatazz which accompanied it is sure to provide memories for people for many years to come and not only for those taking part. People will remember it a lot longer than they will the Jubilee.