OBSERVER: Please take control of the Market Place

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, will someone at either Boston Borough Council or the county council take the lead and get something sorted out as regards the Market Place – and sooner rather than later.

As it stands at the moment, there’s an accident waiting to happen and nobody seems the tiny bit interested.

Large notices at the entrance to the Market Place tell motorists to park only in the bays provided.

last Tuesday afternoon, cars were double parked (as they used to be) all over the place.

Cars displaying disabled badges were parked at the arc in front of the Stump, oblivious to the fact that there were four spaces free in the ‘disabled only’ bays outside the Golden Dragon.

The marked bays were full, and cars were parked in a continual line (as they used to be) all along the side near Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Perhaps the parkers were trying to tell the council something?

Cars leaving the Stump and library were coming up past Barclays bank and depending on how their fancy took them, were either going across to the ‘old’ route where the ‘into town’ buses run, or in some cases turning sharp right and going past those parked outside KFC to join the main road almost at the Assembly Rooms.

No one seems to be taking any notice of the signs. no one seems to be taking any action to put things right. No one seems bothered!

Welcome to Boston, 2012!

l I see the ‘special meeting’ of the council regarding disabled parking went according to plan.

Despite my hope that some of the ruling party might actually break ranks and vote according to their conscience, as sure as night follows day, the hands of those party members present went up, as if pulled by a magical cord to make sure their original decision went through.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, there are varied opinions on this matter.

But although it would be ideal if the disabled could get concessions, and despite suggestions that they might make a legal appeal about the decision, if you visit several of the towns in this area I think you’ll find that many councils charge the disabled for parking.

They can’t all be breaking the law, surely.