OBSERVER: PRSA fix will still cost us yet more cash

The Cabinet has come up with a possible ‘solution’ for the problems with the PRSA.

I have no doubts that the problem will eventually be sorted so that ratepayers no longer continue subsidising the venue but there is still a cost involved.

It appears Bostonians will have to give £88,000 to keep it going in the interim period, and on top of that will be contributing £200,000 in repairs.

The council website story reveals that a total of more than £6 million has been spent on the venue since it was built, with less than £2.5 million coming back in revenue. Surely that must have rung alarm bells down West Street at some time or other; apparently not, as successive councils continued to pump money into it to keep it going.

The story further reveals that the Boston Sports Initiative – the body I understand set up from day one to ‘run’ the place – has agreed terms with the rugby club for future use.

It is to be hoped, for our sakes, they run it differently than it has up to now.

The portfolio holder for leisure services says, in part: “The PRSA is recognised by those involved in sport as an excellent centre. It is a loved and well-used facility ... there is now a real light at the end of the tunnel and I am satisfied that we are well on the way to seeing the PRSA stand on its own feet.”

So we can take it that any future requests for help will now be turned down flat? That any help required will come from the users?

The council leader is quoted in the same story: “Once these leases are in place there should be no need for further council involvement, financial or otherwise, until 2051.”

So it will be interesting to see if the PRSA is (a) still around in 2051 and (b) is still getting help from ratepayers.