OBSERVER: Reduce the speed? No, let’s make drivers go to the limit

NEWS at the weekend that the government may allow local councils to reduce speed limits on ‘dangerous’ roads in rural areas – in some parts down to 20mph, if felt necessary – doesn’t bear thinking about, as far as we are concerned.

We already have the ludicrous situation of speed limits on some roads around here going up and down like a fiddler’s elbow!

The thought we could have even more fills me with much foreboding.

Rather than reduce the speed limit, why not persuade the powers that be that the solution might be to get some drivers to drive up to the speed limit, not five or 10 miles per hour below it?

When you come to think about it, in the summer time, the farm machinery on our roads actually reduces the speed limit, whether we want it or not. Job done.

Knowing the Road Safety Partnership, however, it may just give them the knee-jerk reaction they want.

l Walking through the precinct on Saturday morning, it was interesting to see probably 30 or 40 people had stopped to listen to the South American buskers with their pipe music – superb.

This is something which could bring in the crowds, so why doesn’t the council set up a space somewhere within our nice, new, refurbished Market Place, where these buskers and similar can play without having the intermittent beep-beep of the Into Town bus service disturbing the music?

l Whatever your political persuasion, don’t you think it wrong that the government can’t, won’t, or is unable to sort out the banking crisis, with the big bonuses and the big salaries, but they are able to come up with the idea of possibly cutting free ‘perks’ for pensioners?

Yes, we’re all in it together – it’s just that some aren’t in it as much as everyone else.

l I presume that when our house insurance comes up for renewal, we will be able to point out to the companies that we in Lincolnshire (the flood capital of the country) were relatively unscathed during the recent floods so we can look forward to a nice, hefty reduction can’t we?

Err – no, it doesn’t work like that!