OBSERVER: We can’t be beaten when it comes to ceremony

I DON’T think anyone watching the Olympics opening programme on television could, in all honesty, fail to be impressed by the spectacle.

Some think the country doesn’t have a lot going for it at the moment, but this ceremony showed, once again, what the UK IS good at – ceremonial.

When it first started, I thought it was going to be slightly PC, but as it wore on, I realised that we were, in fact, getting a potted history of the country over the past couple of centuries or so and what we actually gave to the world in that time.

And who would have thought the Queen herself would actually take part in the introduction?

My wife and I both commented on how good the ‘stand-in’ was before we realised that it was, in fact, her good self!

Afterwards, we reminisced about the various shows put on in Boston in the past and agreed it was about time the town actually set its stall out and tried to attract visitors – goodness knows we need to get them somehow.

Do we need an excuse for putting a show on? Not really, when you come to think of, for example, the various trades shows in the park put on by the traders themselves.

We also talked of the shows put on for the Silver Jubilee when it was the Lions and Round Table who got involved. But do we still have these organisations in existence?

Surely there’s a missed opportunity somewhere in all this?

Certainly no one else seems interested, despite the talk.

l I mentioned some weeks ago the difference in the videos put forward by Boston and Market Rasen in their bids to get some of the ‘Portas money.’ Rasen was successful, Boston wasn’t.

I now hear the second round of bids has been completed and that the town has again missed out.

I also hear that Boston BID – who gets money via the council from businesses paying a levy to promote the town – actually submitted the same video again!

And they’re supposed to actually promote the town?