One-way change could close Maud Foster Mill

WE were dismayed to see your front page article about the proposed alterations to Willoughby Road, allegedly in the interests of road safety.

We own the Maud Foster Windmill - imagine our horror to discover our part of Willoughby Road may be made a one-way street.

This will mean lorries delivering corn will effectively have to break the law and drive up a one-way street the wrong way.

This is because it is impossible to turn right out of our yard for big and long vehicles- they can only approach and leave in the same direction ie from Spilsby Road.

Also bear in mind the adjacent nursing home which also has large lorries to deal with and needs regular, unhindered access for ambulances.

The plans include using Hospital Lane as part of the system. This is a rat-run full of parked vehicles on the narrow street as well as tight corners either end.

We also attract visitors to the town and we can tell you now without local knowledge of where the streets run they will be put off visiting us.

The upshot of this will be in these straitened times we shall have no option but to close to the public.

The council has messed about with our museum, our art gallery, our Tourist Information centre and still can’t make them pay. We have traded here successfully for over 20 years, sadly inspite of, rather than because of, help from the councils, both local and county.

At no point have we been consulted about this, and we live here. One-way for Willoughby Road isn’t the answer!

Tom and James Waterfield, partners

Maud Foster Mill

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