Opportunity was missed to refurbish swimming complex

IT IS a great disappointment to me that the 28 per cent cutback in central Government funding to the borough means the Geoff Moulder Swimming complex will only be partially refurbished. The opportunity was missed by the previous Conservative-led council.

They had the luxury of a £40 million windfall from the sale of the council house stock.

This money gave those councillors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure key council buildings like the swimming pool were updated.

Instead they chose to fritter it away on such buildings as the now-closed Haven Gallery, the Princess Royal Sports Arena and numerous minor items.

The ratepayers of Boston don’t want to go back to whipped Tories or disingenuous so-called independents ruining this lovely borough. The Boston Bypass Independents administration has made great strides over the last four years and we still need to continue unfinished business.

Coun Richard Dungworth

Portfolio holder for regeneration, planning, sport and cultural services Boston Borough Council