Our armed forces need your help more than ever

THIS year the Royal British Legion will be celebrating 90 years of welfare support for those members of the armed forces and their families who have been incapacitated during active service.

The members of the armed services from the First World War have gone to their final resting place and the years are rolling on in the case of members of the armed forces from the Second World War.

This is now taking a toll on the membership of the Royal British Legion.

Because of the recent campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, the welfare support of the Royal British Legion is still very much needed.

By becoming a member you will be showing your concern in a tangible way for the disabled.

There are, however, many men who did National Service from 1948-56 who would benefit from being members of the RBL as they reach retirement age.

If you have been in any of the armed forces doing your National Service, we should be pleased to tell you about the RBL’s work.

For information on the Freiston and district branch log on to http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Freiston/

Ron White

Chairman, Freiston and district Royal British Legion