Our council now has two kinds of ‘independent’

THE reports in the letter pages of last week’s Standard on the conduct of the BBI Borough Councillors are appalling.

Why on earth would the BBI not want the people of Boston to know their plans for the Borough’s sports facilities?

Coun Austin has a duty to explain his reasons - beyond a terror of the ballot box - for emasculating the council, and the taxpayers who will have to fund his decisions.

All of this comes on the same pages that Coun Austin again claims that his BBI councillors serve the people and not their party. If this irony was not so serious, it would be a joke.

It is against all laws of averages that 18 genuinely independent councillors vote the same way against transparency and open debate.

There are now two classes of independent borough councillors: genuine independents; and Bypass Independents (who happen to be registered with the Electoral Commission in the same way as a political party).

Coun Austin and colleagues have expended much hot air in recent years about the Conservatives; however it is heartening to learn that every Conservative councillor present voted in favour of democracy and a suspension of Standing Orders.

Coun Austin was disingenuous about his chances of providing a Bypass. Coun Austin continues to be disingenuous about his councillors’ independence.

Far better a Conservative council which is clear and honest about what it stands for; and does not have to hide behind closed door democracy in order to force its policies through council.

T. R. Ashton