Our list of priorities based on your views

FOLLOWING their recent election the group of four Independents you returned have put together a ‘must do’ list to be pursued with our new administration at the borough council.

This list is not necessarily all of our making. You, the public, have told us your thoughts (in some cases very strongly) on the doorstep and we feel sure that many of you will recognise your input in our list.

First – the removal of buses from Strait Bargate. An issue that caused strong protest at the start of service still heads the public dislike list – and ours too. Also the frequency of the service is an issue.

Close behind that concern of the voters was the questionable need for any Market Place scheme; especially one that will see 70 parking spaces lost against a prime shopping area of Boston. Again, a matter the Independents will strongly pursue.

A fair system of Discretionary Rate Relief for community groups, so vital for so many of these organisations, is also on your, and our, list of things to be keenly supported.

Finally, although this list is not exhaustive, we would wish to see full normal service returned to our Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex – a facility much-loved and used by so many of you, both young and old.

Coupled with this we will be seeking a serious look at what to do with, and how to support, all the borough’s sports facilities – big and small.

We believe the recent statement by the new leader of the council, Coun Peter Bedford, acknowledges the need for re-evaluation and action in many of these areas.

Independents, on your behalf, are intending to be part of this evaluation and will hopefully be able, individually, to influence and support any required actions/solutions that are affordable.


Independent Group Boston Borough Council