Pilgrim deserves praise not knocks for care standards

I was recently rushed into Pilgrim Hospital from the caravan park, where I spend my summer days ‘March till October’.

I was rather concerned at the time because of all the nasty gossip by people both on the site and off it, concerning Pilgrim Hospital.

I was in the Pilgrim for seven days and couldn’t give the doctors and nurses enough praise for the care I was given.

It has taken me 71 years to learn one big lesson, don’t believe everything you hear.

I live in Coalville, Leicestershire, and if I’d have taken ill there and had have been admitted to any of the three hospitals in Leicester, I wouldn’t have, or expected to get, any better treatment than I received at the Pilgrim.

If it hadn’t been for Dr Hallam at the Kirton Medical Centre, who had me admitted to the hospital the same day as I attended her surgery, and the care I received from Dr M. J. Perry and the nursing staff of Ward 8A, I probably wouldn’t have been able to come to the defence of your wonderful hospital.

While I was in there, I underwent extensive tests; by this I mean two ECGs, one chest X-ray, one ultrasound scan, followed by a CT scan followed by an endoscopic ultrasound scan camera.

What more could any hospital do to sort out anyone’s problems?

Furthermore, when doctors at the Pilgrim did find the problem, they treated it, and referred me to the Queen’s Medical Centre at Nottingham for further tests as they have the latest endoscopic ultrasound camera to see just what had caused the problem – where they found I’d had a fairly serious tummy problem, which is now on the mend.

So, people of Boston, don’t knock your hospital, support it, as every hospital in the country has its problems, and your Pilgrim Hospital is just as good as any other.

If you want to knock anyone, knock this stupid government, who seem hell-bent on slashing hospital services, the service which is needed more than any other.

I must admit, after listening to the run-up to the last election, and being ‘sucked in’ by all those promises which did not come to fruition, I voted Tory for the first time, but I can assure you all, it’ll be my very, very, last.

It’s not our hospitals where we need a watchdog, it’s our Government, Cameron and Co.

So, the sooner we’re rid of them the better.

Oh yes, my blood pressure, and, blood sugar was checked on a regular basis and yes, I was given my table dosage on time every day.

Dave Hubbard

Hubberts Bridge