Pilgrim staff excel

WE WOULD like to use your newspaper to send thanks to Pilgrim Hospital for looking after Barbara Lane, our mother/mother-in-law, during her nine-week stay.

After being admitted to A&E on May 6, the care given by all staff involved in A&E, CDU, Ward 6A and, finally, 7A was second to none.

During this time, mother was cared for with expert knowledge, patience, kindness, willingness to please, and with the greatest respect.

This involves staff from A&E, through consultants, doctors, nursing staff, OTs, physios, catering and housekeeping – just to name a few.

We could not have wished for any better care anywhere, and too much emphasis is given to the bad things that happen at Pilgrim, rather than the good.

We know that mother, along with the rest of our family is most indebted to all involved in her care.


Son and daughter-in-law

Via email