Please point out your ‘grot spots’

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LABOUR councillors wish to invite the public to name their local grot spots.

We feel it is essential to run an all-year-round campaign on cleaning up our town and our estates. We believe it is time to introduce ‘contracts’ between the council and local communities, pledging to keep their area up to an agreed level of cleanliness and enabling local residents to set off an investigation into the cleanliness and safety of their part of town. This would involve the council, the police and other public bodies and local residents’ groups signing community contracts pledging quality services in a locality.

Labour councillors believe the following things should happen within our town:

1. Annual clean up awards should be instigated for individuals, local streets and companies where good practice could be promoted to highlight people who go that extra mile, and also highlighting examples of bad practice, to improve the standard of cleanliness in Boston.

2. Every resident should have the right to have their street cleaned regularly and we will be urging the council to work with communities to ensure year-round cleanliness

3. Pressure should be put on food outlets in the town and the borough to take a greater responsibility to reduce the amount of rubbish and litter outside their premises, and where necessary we believe the council should use more enforcement powers.

4. We should be following the good practice which is done in other authorities and take several cases of litter and fly-tipping enforcement to court at the same time to maximize value for money and encourage maximum enforcement.

Please send photos of your grot spot and why you have nominated it, or tell us where they are and we will photograph them and highlight them on our website.

More importantly we will tell Boston Borough Council and ask them to clean them up.

Help us clean up Boston now!


Skirbeck ward Boston Borough Council