POEM: Bostonians and Proud

Community news and events from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston
Community news and events from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

I have written this poem to help inspire people and communities to come together.

It was written for the project - Benjamin Zephaniah BBC Radio 4 Boston Calling on behalf of Boston More In Common. 
Bostonians And Proud - by Julie Perrot

The past ten years I’ve seen lots of change, and for a small town, it seemed quite strange,

New cultures arriving making Boston their home, locals not happy and having a moan,

This happened so quickly, at such a fast pace, it was quite unsettling, for such a small place.

No government funding, many sharing a home, Boston forgotten, we were, on our own.

No experts to guide us, no funds or no help, this caused resentment, which quite a few felt. Migrant workers exploited, and robbed of their pay, illegal deductions and too scared to say,

Exploitation by landlords and others for greed, relying on food banks, so many in need.

Some lost their jobs, then lost their home, poor knowledge of English, they were all alone.

No room for loads more as we learn from each other, where will they live? We time need to recover.

So many hard workers, a lot highly skilled, shops once stood empty, so quickly filled,

Amazing restaurants and places to eat, making friends with new people, a pleasure to meet.

Boston is growing and learning new things, home to so many, and all that this brings. There are some troubles, but only a few, with patience and tolerance we’ll soon see these through.

The media certainly, has done us no favours, inciting blame and division, with unpleasant flavours.

Highlighting bad stories, giving false impressions, not caring for Boston, in their expressions.

Bostonians are passionate and proud of their town, we don’t accept newspapers dragging us down.

There’s goodness around for those that see, we’re nothing as bad as they make us, to be.

Lack of understandings on each side of the fence, but as we listen and talk, things soon make sense.

A small few are resentful of the changes that be, but their children embrace, this diversity.

Boston was a bit boring, families moved away, now vibrant and lively as more people stay.

I see all the young families who have come from afar, I see lots of blessings, how lucky we are.

Now our lovely Boston, our once sleepy town, Now different and busy, fresh faces all round.

New cultures to learn about, to share and enjoy, not resentment and fear, to divide and destroy.

We are all Bostonians and Boston proud, we stand together, no hatred allowed.

Help change ways of thinking, stamp out persecution, stand together for love, it’s the only solution.

It starts with eye contact, it follows with a smile, be kind to all others, go that extra mile.

Respect each other, this goes a long way, no room for resentment, let love have a say.

New Boston is thriving, things don’t stay the same, if we were a Ghost town that would be a shame.