Police over-reacted to trouble at fair

I was born in Boston and had to move for work 25 years ago.

In all my time there has never been a time when the police have closed the fair at 9.30pm.

In this case during the fair it seems there was trouble with drunken yobs out of control. I believe the police have over-reacted over this and the yobs have won.

The fair people come to Boston to make a living, not to be closed at 9.30pm. This is totally out of order and needs to be looked into.

Furthermore, I believe when the fair comes again the fair people should get together and have security staff who will work with the police.

You cannot close the fair down. Families take their children to the fair. It only comes once a year.

I am still a Bostonian. I come to the fair twice to see it and I do not agree with the police action.

It’s time the courts handed out stiffer fines for these drunken yobs on the streets of Boston.

Paul Woods