Police should enforce traffic laws

I COULD not disagree with a word that you wrote in last week’s News Stand column, but it was what you did not write that I would comment upon.

The bad driving to which you refer goes further than blocking roundabouts.

We have the idiots who drive over traffic lights that have turned red; we have the fools who cycle and drive against the flow in one way streets; what about the clowns who drive over the Town Bridge against the flow and then go down High Street and turn right into West Street.

Don’t let us forget the no-brains who drive round the Market Place as if it were a dodgem track.

They are all out there, courtesy of a police force that seem to have forgotten that imposition of traffic laws is part of their job.

One of these days there is going to be a brutal crash in Boston and the blame will be there to be apportioned.

The truth is, as I discovered when on the council, the county authorities do not care about Boston and its people.

You only have to look at the chaos they have created over the last 10 years from time to time that caused folk to be late for work, miss appointments, lose business and so on. They should hang their heads in shame.

Tony Austin