Race was ‘integral’ event

What sad news it was to read that the Boston Race for Life has been cancelled.

The Race for Life has been an integral part of the Boston sporting calendar since 2005.

I think this is a commercial decision from Cancer Research that has not taken into consideration a bit of loyalty to the Boston area.

Going back many years when Race for Life was just getting going nationally and Cancer Research were looking for partners to establish the Races, Boston Borough Council threw its full determination behind the race with ex-councillor Joyce Dobson participating and encouraging others to do so.

The Race for Life in Boston started at the Peter Paine Sports Centre and grew, leading to it being moved to bigger premises at the Princess Royal Sports Arena.

The borough of Boston played its part in establishing the popularity of the Race for Life concept nationally, only to be dropped at the end, when I suppose other bigger urban areas will now be favoured.

I am sad at this news and disappointed with Cancer Research on this matter.

Matthew Haslam

Former Sport Development Officer