Raising concerns over benefit cuts

AT THE moment I’m aware that Government cuts hit the headlines every day but there is one I care passionately about which doesn’t appear to have the benefit of publicity.

It is proposed to stop making payments of DLA (disability living allowance) to claimants who are in residential care. Whilst in monetary terms not a vast sum, (it represents a hefty percentage of a person’s disposable income which is to be delivered with immediate effect), withdrawal of these funds will take away a person’s means to finance transport, meet pre-existing contractual financial obligations and the ability to maintain their wheelchair which in most cases represents the sole means of independent mobility leaving them with no opportunity to enjoy a social life and the ability to integrate with wider society, undoubtedly family visits will be less frequent causing distress to all concerned.

Once this decision is implemented people will have just in excess of £20 personal allowance per week to meet their every need – hardly a realistic or practical figure. To my knowledge no other sector is being faced with a percentage cut of this level.

Ironically it is only individuals in residential care who are being subjected to this insidious cut. As older people form a high percentage of residents in care, is this how they should be or deserve to be treated?

I would urge people to make their concerns known to their local MP. I have made representations on my own behalf. Alternatively, there is a petition on Facebook supporting this cause if people feel more at ease using this medium to register their support and concerns.


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