Rate relief change will signal demise of sports clubs

I AM chairman of Boston and District Sports Forum, a voluntary body dedicated to the interests of volunteer sport.

I write more in sorrow than in anger.

For the first time ever, Boston Borough Council has completely withdrawn discretionary rate relief from the vast majority of charities and voluntary bodies who applied, with immediate effect. Only a lucky handful have escaped the axe.

The savings for the council are modest. The damage will be great.

So I’m sorry for the hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly for local sports clubs and bodies, who will now have to work even harder to find the money to pay full business rates. Some may not succeed and their clubs will fold.

I’m sorry for those same volunteers who will now feel that their efforts are not valued by their elected representatives. Who can blame them for asking ‘Is this the thanks I get?’?

I’m sorry for the members and users of all those clubs, thousands of them children, who will have to pay a lot more, on top of inflation. Many will drop out because of the expense. This will risk a downward spiral for clubs.

Frank Cammack

Chairman, Boston and District Sports Forum