Regional pay a retrograde step

AS A former NHS Trust governor the introduction of regional pay at one of the two top hospitals in the county, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, would be in my opinion a retrograde step.

London is unique being the only world city in the UK so salaries are bound to be higher there.

It is cheaper to buy property in Boston but it is very difficult to sell property.

Highly qualified and ambitious professionals already avoid buying in the town and prefer to commute from other parts of the county, but will no longer be able to do so.

Also, Boston is one of the highest rental areas in the East Midlands so why bring your skills to benefit Bostonians, even for a few years?

Will it be doctors at Pilgrim next who will then have lower salaries than their colleagues elsewhere? Regional pay outside of the capital will not benefit patients.

It will be a false economy.

Any idea of extending regional pay for other professions in the public sector should also be treated with caution as your sister paper the Lincolnshire Free Press reports only this week of the difficulty recruiting and retaining teachers in South Holland, a problem that MPs of whatever party representing Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire know is the case.