Sad state of affairs

BOSTON Borough Council is‘reminding residents that it remains dedicated to the maintenance of the cemetery grounds’, but if it’s not to your liking - here’s a brush!

After visiting my family graves last week, I was disgusted to see the state of the cemetery and gravestones. The memorial stones were covered in grass, and great heaps of grass cuttings had to be ploughed through to get to the graves.

My guess is that the cost of cemetery upkeep has risen, resulting in the grass being cut less. Sign of our times, you might say, but sad nevertheless.

My concerns led me to ring the council last week, as, I know, did several others, and we were told the relevant people to speak to were all ‘in a meeting’. The receptionist took my name and telephone number, and ‘someone’ would get back to me. I’m still waiting for that call a week later! How rude!

This is a difficult issue, I appreciate that, but with more care and dedication, would fewer of the memorials get covered or damaged, by the huge grass cutters? The receptionist I spoke to ‘didn’t really know about that’, but she did say the cutters were not supposed to get near to the memorials, to prevent damage to them. Do the workmen know this, or do they too ‘not really know about that’?!


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